Where Does Outlook Keep My Email?

My web searches on this topic were helpful, but incomplete. Our company uses an exchange server to house all of our corporate emails, so technically all of my email is on the exchange server. For performance, however, my email is also stored locally on my machine in my user's local settings: C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. (Don't forget the local settings part.) This much info I found online.

The complicated part is that my company just switched to exchange -- I'm not sure what we were using prior -- so I have more than one PST (personal storage) in there. On a hunch, I checked out my control panel's "Mail" interface.
  1. Open Control Panel -> Mail
  2. Click E-mail Accounts
  3. Switch to tab "Data Files"
  4. The path to the PST file for my current profile is right there!
That was easy.


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