Don't Do Nothing

An owner cares about all aspects of their product and organization. That means that when you see something, you say something. This mentality is beautifully summed up by the "Don't Do Nothing" principle.

I learned about the "Don't Do Nothing" principle from a great article on the Trello Blog. I immediately incorporated it into my daily life and preached it to my team.

>> In short, if you see a problem outside your area, don't do nothing about it.

A simple example

A simple example -- if you see a typo on the marketing blog, then:

  • don't assume that the marketing team already knows about it
  • don't assume someone else will report it
  • don't assume that it's not important enough to bother someone

--> Tell the marketing team!


What makes the Don't Do Nothing principle so powerful is that in these exact types of situations it provides you the license to be the 105th person to report the typo or the "annoying" person who reported a very insignificant problem. It provides you this license because there just might be the chance that if everyone did nothing, then the marketing team would never know about the typo, and that blog post could be part of a crucial launch.

A team or company that abides by this principle will always welcome that 105th or low priority typo report because they know that everyone is here for the same reasons: to build something amazing.


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