CodeIgniter & PHP 5.4 -- Creating default object from empty value

I, sadly, use Code Igniter to power several of my legacy web applications. We recently upgraded our development environment PHP 5.4 and have not yet upgraded our production systems. We work with these apps infrequently in development and this hasn't been a problem. However, today I needed to test moving traffic from HTTP to HTTPS on one of the apps and kept receiving the several instances of the following message,

Severity: Warning
Message: Creating default object from empty value

Each of these warnings was linked to lines in my base controller (REST_Controller) that were performing assignments to properties of class fields. E.g. $this->rest->db = $this->load->database(...). I was unable to replicate the error on another machine running 5.3 and determined that my problem must be arising from PHP 5.4.

Code Igniter works in weird ways and my first guess was that some magic code or eval was failing due to the elevated strictness of PHP 5.4. So I embarked on a mission to discover where the class fields were being assigned inside Code Igniter. I scoured deep into CI_Config and CI_Loader and Code_Igniter.php, but couldn't find my answer; there were no magic methods or variable variable assignments. Feeling rather dejected, frustrated, and confused, I took another look at the error message: "creating default object from empty value" and an idea formed in my mind: what if PHP was telling me that it was in fact creating the class field right there on the spot?

The easiest way to test that theory was to create the object myself and test if the message still appeared. I updated the code to create the field just before each of the failing lines. E.g.

$this->rest = new stdClass();
$this->rest->db = $this->load->database(...);

And, voila -- no more warnings! So it turns out that the problem had little to do with Code Igniter itself, but just that historic PHP is way too friendly to lazy coders.

Now, with that out of the way, on to testing the HTTPS migration...


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