Log4PHP not logging?

Do you use log4php? I am a big fan of the log4-* suite. It's great to have a consistent approach to logging across languages.

I've been using Log4PHP for almost a year now and aside from one issue with logging exceptions, I've had no problems with it and, in general, enjoy any time I've spent reading the source.

I had a bit of a problem today that was my own fault, but seems very possible for another to make. I've been happily using LoggerLayoutTTCC for some time. It was deprecated in the 2.3.0 release last October in favor of LoggerLayoutPattern. So I switched to LoggerLayoutPattern. Things have been humming along just fine, but something changed recently. I noticed today that none of my log entries were getting written. Only errors were getting written out, and they weren't using any identifiable format.

After digging into the source, I discovered that LoggerLayoutPattern had no parsed pattern. Effectively this means that when my appenders asked the layout class to format the message, it was returning an empty string, which was being thrown away and not logged.

How could this happen? The culprit was that although the LoggerLayoutPattern class has a default pattern, it is not applied by the constructor. Out of the box this would not be an issue, but since I had previously been using LoggerLayoutTTCC, which takes no constructor arguments, I was not passing in conversionPattern for the params argument to Logger::configure() when defining my appender.

The fix was straightforward: supply a conversion pattern! This feels like a minor bug with the Log4PHP code that should warn about the missing param or just use the defined default.

'appenders' => array(
 'default' => array(
  'class' => 'LoggerAppenderDailyFile',
  'params' => array('fileName' => 'logs/default.log'),
  'layout' => array(
   'class' => 'Bart\Log4PHP\LoggerLayoutTTCCWithException',
   'params' => array(
    'conversionPattern' => '%d %p pid:%t %c %m%n',


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